Exhibition at Le Cube

« Between September and October 2015, « Le Cube » presented three interactive installations by the young French artist and designer Bertrand Lanthiez. A recent graduate of the ESAG Penninghen school in Paris, Bertrand Lanthiez’ work is focused on creating multi-sensorial, visual, sound and touch installations. »
We Are Narcissus with Chloe Curé
HVÍSL – Whispers Of Iceland with Chloe Curé

His explorations are nourished by his travels, reconstructing the atmospheres of the many places he has visited. He likes subverting materials from their original purpose, playing with formats and tools, which he always chooses according to the meaning he wants to give his creations. In his installations, he finds an exchange and a dialogue with an audience, whom he encourages to be not only spectators, but also ever-ready players in their own experience.


He worked with Chloe Curé, colleague and fellow student, to deliver We are Narcisses and Hvisl at the crossroad between installations, graphic design and literature.


Bertrand Lanthiez’s website : www.bertrandlanthiez.com
Chloé Curé’s website : www.chloecure.com
Le Cube’s website : www.lecube.com




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